Saturday 31 March 2018


TELTA in collaboration with the other Teachers Associations ATER - Rwanda, UNELTA - Uganda, ZAPELATO - Zanzibar and CLASS - Congo wishes to invite you to the first African Lake Zone English Language Consortium, (ALZELC) which will take place in Mwanza, July 5 - 7 2018. This is the first time for these countries to host one and of its kind event to take place in Lake Zone.

If you are interested with this event please read the information given in this blog. You can also fill in the forms attached and return to the organisers as directed.

Thank you
Jamal Maringo
The Chair
Organising Team


JULY 5-7, 2018
Innovate, Integrate and Connect Language Teaching
The Conference Proposals Committee is delighted to invite you to submit a proposal to its               1st African Lake Zone English Language Consortium (ALZELC) to be held at Saint Augustine University (SAUT), Mwanza, Tanzania on July 5 - 7, 2018. Proposals for papers, panel discussions, workshops, app sharing, and teaching ideas are expected to address the conference theme: Innovate, Integrate and Connect Language Teaching.

The Conference will address a range of critically important issues and themes relating to the ELT. The main topics of the conference are:
  • Teaching with minimum resources
  • English as an international language
  • Web skills teaching and learning
  • Language teacher associations 
  • Second Language Acquisition
  • Communicative competence
  • Cross-cultural communication
  • Communication skills and strategies
  • Socio-cultural factors in L2 learning
  • Bilingual education
  • Cross-linguistic influence
  • Integrative curriculum and instruction
  • Reading-writing connection
  • Technology-enhanced language learning
  • Multiple language assessment
  • Inter language studies
  • ESP (English for Specific Purposes)
  • Translation and English learning
  • Literature in English teaching and learning
  • New trends in English language teaching and testing
  • Teaching language skills
·         Innovations in English Language Teaching
·         Language testing and assessment
·         Syllabus design and materials development
·         Language teacher education
  • Any other topic that has relevance to the theme of the Conference
Proposal deadline:                   May 20, 2018
Presenter Confirmation:          June 5, 2018
Conference Dates:                  July 5 -7, 2018

*To be determined later

The conference is designed to provide lots of networking opportunities that will last much longer than the conference as well as some social events/activities allow for more informal interactions among conference attendees, organizers, presenters, and other delegates.

Paper Presentations include research, theory, concepts, and practices. Each is a 20-minute session that describes an innovative idea, research, or a procedure through which the presenter has recently gained awareness of an aspect of language, language teaching and/or learning. 10 minutes will also be allocated for Question and Answers. It should describe what has been done in relation to theory or practice or may focus on commercial materials or products. Its content should be relevant to the delegates who work outside the presenter’s local context as well.

Panel Discussion is a forum for discussing thematic topics or other relevant topics within a small group. The sessions are 25 minutes long with 15 minutes of Questions and Answers.

Workshop Sessions are 50 minutes long with 10 minutes of Questions and Answers. These sessions are interactive with emphasis on group collaborations.

Poster Sessions give a visual presentation illustrating or summarizing a project, a research study, or a feature of language teaching and/or learning. Each poster will be allocated wall space and there will be a 60 minute slot in the program solely for the presentation and discussion of the posters by the presenters and delegates. There should be time for Questions and Answers.

Teaching Tips/ Sharing Sessions are 20 minutes with 10 minutes of Questions and Answers. They provide useful information and ideas on teaching and learning.
1. Proposals should be submitted through the following address;
2. The Title should be 10 words or less
3. The abstract must not exceed 250 and a biography of not more than 30 words. Please include your appropriate title and contact information
4. The language should be clear, and precise
The deadline for proposal submissions is May 20, 2018. The decision of the Organizing Committee on the acceptance/rejection of submissions will be communicated to the presenters no later than June 5, 2018.

ALZELC Members
On or Before June 20, 2018 = 10 USD or  Tshs.20,000
On or Before June 20, 2018 = 15 USD
After June 20, 2018 = 15 USD           or           Tshs.25,000
After June 20, 2018  = 20 USD                       
Students:                                   Free 
Students:                                   Free 

*Students will be asked for their ID cards during registration.
*Joint presenters must also register and pay the conference fee individually.
* Participation fees can also be paid onsite
Full registration implies payment of the conference fee (for non members) and submission of the registration form. All participants MUST fill in the registration form before 15 June 2018.
The fee covers the conference folder and the certificate of attendance for one conference participant. The fee shall be paid into the following bank account and the name of the participant
Account number: 20110002540
Financial Institution: National Microfinance Bank (NMB), Bank House Branch
Name of the account: Tanzanian English Language Teachers Association (TELTA)
Vendor's Bank Swift Code: NMIBTZTZ
Vendor's Bank Physical and Postal Addresses: NMB Bank House, 160108 Dar es Salaam
Mobile Money Transfer: M-PESA       +255 754 660 776 – Jamal Ally
                                       TIGO PESA  +255 713 737 046 – Fatma Kisusi
The payment confirmation shall be sent to;

To register, please use the registration form available on the conference page, on our Facebook page Tanzanian English Language Teachers’ Association TELTA or on our blog    and be constantly updated with the latest conference news.

The conference will be held at Saint Augustine University (SAUT), Mwanza, Tanzania from   5 to 7 July 2018.

For further information, please contact one of these:
Conference Chairperson
Jamal Maringo                        
Phone: +255 715 660 776      

TELTA Headquarters
William Mwinuka – Events Coordinator                     
Phone: +255 655 080 505      
Fatma Kisusi – Treasurer   
Phone: +255 713 737 046      

TELTA – Mwanza Chapter
Jumanne Tungu – Coordinator, Mwanza Chapter
Phone: +255 625 803 222
Oliver Kimathi – Member       
Phone: +255 788 858 276      

ALZELC Representatives
Richard Nyabigira – ATER, Rwanda
Phone: +250 788 612 198

Rodney Rugyema – UNELTA, Uganda
Phone: +256 705 372 826
Kaleba Welingene Joseph – CLASS, DRC
Phone: +243 999 664 446
Mkombe Shaame – ZAPELATO, Zanzibar
Phone: +255 772 067 671
*Travel and Accommodation Advice
*We will send recommendations for travel and accommodation at the same time we notify applicants of acceptance, so please do not contact them for specifics until after that time.
Jamal Maringo – Country Coordinator            
Phone: +255 715 660 776      

Joseph Bulugu Badokufa – SAUT, Mwanza
Phone: +255 758 894 648

Petro Okoth – Secretary, TELTA Mwanza                              
Phone: +255 788 075 058