Sunday 1 April 2018


What should you know before attending the conference

About Mwanza City
The city of Mwanza is the major Tanzanian port on Lake Victoria and a major centre of economic activities in the region. The lake borders the country’s East African neighbours – Uganda to the North West, and Kenya to the North East. For visitors, the city makes a good base from which to explore the nearby Rubondo Island National Park and the western parts of the Serengeti. Rubondo Island National Park offers pleasant day-hikes and bird watching around the lake shore.
Entry Requirements
A valid passport; a valid visa for those not exempted. All visitors to Tanzania except for very few countries require entry visas. Visas can be obtained at the point of entry for most nationals. Tourist visas last for three months and fees range from US$ 50 to US$ 100 depending on nationality. An international Certificate of Vaccination for yellow fever is required if you are arriving from an infected area. Check: ‘Yellow fever endemic zones in Africa’ on Google. Vaccination is a relatively cheap one and it is valid for 10 years. And don’t forget, that yellow fever is a deadly disease.

Hotels and Lodges
There are plenty of hotels and lodges around the University and in town, they are scattered all over the city, the minimum charges per room is Tshs. 15,000=$6.50 to 250,000 = $110, this depends on the quality of the place you reside. Furthermore you can contact the organizers who can give you detailed information.

Taxis can be hired from several taxi stands in town and on the street. None have meters, so you need to check the fare with the driver before getting in. The standard fare for a town trip is Tshs. 3,000/=. Commuters ply from and to every corner of the city with low cost.

Conference Venue
St. Augustine University of Tanzania is a secular and private institution of higher learning owned and managed by the Catholic Church, is dedicated to St. Augustine of Hippo (345-430 A.D) with the Motto “Building the City of God.
The University is 21 kilometres from Mwanza Airport and 5.2 kilometres from Nyegezi main Bus Stand in Mwanza. It is about 31 kilometres from Mwanza town. You can reach the university from all areas, commuter buses start from Mwanza town to the University with a minimum fare of Tshs 500/=. If you hire a taxi, try to negotiate(it is advised to contact the organizers to get actual fare).

Safety in Mwanza
Mwanza is generally a fairly safe city to stroll about, with few touts or security issues, but be as aware as you would at home. Street begging can be aggressive at times and after 9pm dark side streets should be walked with caution. Bantu St, with its mishikaki grills, is loud and boisterous, and gets dicey in the wee hours when many people – often drunk – are heading home.
In Mwanza there is a good selection of places to eat - ranging from delicious local food places, through a growing number of fast food restaurants/take aways - to exquisite international restaurants at Tilapia Hotel, Gold Crest Hotel, Malaika Beach Resort and New Mwanza Hotel. You can also find a small hoteli (informal, local restaurant) serving chicken, beef or fish with stable such as rice or ugali with very low cost. Charges vary from Tshs. 3,000 to 20,000 per plate.

Aga Khan Health Centre for minor illnesses. Bugando Hospital The government hospital has a 24-hour casualty department.

Banking and Currency
Money can be changed freely at authorized dealers, banks, or bureaux de change - but for safety insist on a receipt for the transaction. There are a few foreign banks in major towns.  The basic unit is the Tanzania Shilling. Notes: TSH 500, 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 and 10,000. Coins: TSH 100 and 200. It is advisable to carry American dollars as a back-up and for paying visa and fees here and there (e.g. in the parks). Moneychangers also accept the major convertible currencies including British Pounds, Euros, Danish Kroner and Japanese Yen etc.
Traveller’s cheques are still exchangeable in some places (In Mwanza at Bureaux de change only - e.g. at Serengeti Services & Tours, Posta Road and the FOREX at New Mwanza Hotel’s shopping arcade - which is open Sundays also). Useful currency converter:
Credit cards (VISA and MasterCard) are accepted at major hotels in Mwanza. Before using international credit cards at hotels, travel agencies etc. - ask how high the card fee is.
Tanzania uses 220V, 50 cycles and AC (Like UK, Germany, Denmark and most of EU too). Power cuts occur with some frequency, although they generally don’t last very long. Major hotels have back-up generators. Plugs and sockets vary but are usually the British three-square pin or two-round pin variety. Adaptors are available in Mwanza - or bring a “tourist-adaptor” from home.

For Further Information, contact the following;
Jamal Maringo – Country Coordinator                      
Phone: +255 715 660 776      

Joseph Bulugu Badokufa – SAUT, Mwanza
Phone: +255 758 894 648

Petro Okoth – Secretary, TELTA Mwanza                           
Phone: +255 788 075 058


An attractive view of Lake Victoria

Mwanza Town


A place to visit while in Mwanza

A part of Mwanza City

Mwanza Airport

One of the hotels with the swimming pool

Fish from Lake Victoria